Different Braces

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances, also known as orthopedic appliances, are braces used to stimulate jaw growth. They should be worn full-time to ensure treatment success and timing of treatment is of utmost importance.

Removable Plates

These appliances are used for minor tooth movement or arch expansion.

Fixed braces consist of wires inserted into brackets, which in turn are fixed to teeth. The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into the desired positions and help create a beautiful smile.

Metal Empower


Temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s)

TAD’s are micro implants used to increase anchorage and will ensure predictable tooth movement. It is useful for a variety of situations and has broaden treatment possibilities within orthodontics.

Forsus Springs

In the past, patients were required to wear headgears to help correct the bite. The Forsus FRDs (also known as bite springs) are the latest in technology for correcting class II bite problems and will help to fit your teeth together and create a stable bite. It works similar to elastics (rubber bands), but with more efficiency and without the need for patient compliance. Treatment time is often dramatically reduced, which means that your braces will be removed earlier.


While traditional orthodontic braces are fixed to the outside of your teeth, hidden braces are fixed to the inside. The technology required to make Incognito™ Hidden Braces means that they cost a bit more than traditional braces. However, they are worth every penny. Not only do patients receive exceptional results, they smile confidently throughout treatment without anyone knowing they’re wearing braces.

Ortho Caps

Orthocaps are clear/invisible plastic aligners that discreetly correct the position of your teeth. Some cases, but not all, can easily be treated without anyone even knowing that you have an orthodontic appliance. Feel free to ask your orthodontist whether this is an option for you.

We want to retain that beautiful smile long after the removal of your braces. This is possible with a variety of retainers, which will be selected to suit your bite and treatment.

Bonded retainers

Removable retainers

Clear retainers

Orthodontics in non-growing patients is limited to the movement of teeth within the jaw. An operation is needed in cases where the jaw position is to be corrected.

Our aim is to attend to each individual’s treatment needs and use cutting-edge technology and current treatment techniques to create beautiful smiles, optimize function and promote healthy mouths.

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